In the Turkish bath, your pores will be opened and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after special foam treatment and coarse peeling. The heat in the Finnish sauna lets you get rid of stress and fatigue - you will feel alleviated and comfortable. We invite you to our Spa to spoil yourself during your stay at our hotel.

In a typical Finnish sauna, the temperature of the air, the room and the benches is above the dew point even when water is thrown on the hot stones and vaporized. Thus, they remain dry. In contrast, the sauna bathers are at about 38 °C (100 °F), which is below the dew point, so that water is condensed on the bathers' skin. This process releases heat and makes the steam feel hot.

Steam is good for your skin because it open up your pores to let out the toxins and impurities. Whether you’re heading to the spa for a steam session or you decide to hit up the steam room after the gym, there are some things you can do to maximize your time in the steam to get the most for your skin. The key to improving skin health with steam is consistency. It doesn’t do much good in the long term just to go in a steam room once in a while. To effectively improve the health of your skin, try using a steam room three times a week for 15 minutes per session.

Enjoy one of our luxury body treatments for skin that radiates with health and is soft to the touch. Carefully balanced to both deeply cleanse and replenish, our body treatments lift the veil of dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin.

Club Dem Spa offers a menu of massage treatments, each different, yet each that incorporates the magical touches of highly-skilled masseurs and masseuses who are specialists in their areas. Choose the treatment, or range of treatments that are right for you and then prepare for a spa journey.

Quattro Family Club Dem Spa & Resort Hotel is offering you a fitness center where you can find professional equipment for doing a sport during your vacation.