Quattro Family Club Dem Hotel is aware of it’s responsibilities towards the environment and society, believing in continues development activities:


  • By following national and international legal regulations and ISO 14001 standards,
  • To control everything that can be harmful to nature and the environment, to minimise harmful effects to the environment during hotel operation and keep it at a minimum level,
  • The right way to explode natural resources by following the technological development,
  • To accept that the guests are the focus, to make holiday in a healthy environment, to find out the expectations, wishes and needs, to plan and execute optimal service,
  • To share with our staff, guests , outside providers and society the measure we take to protect the environment,
  • To research, project and actively protect the principal of biodiversity.
  • To raise the level of sensitivity towards the environment through education and that environmental awareness is a part of live.
  • To specify our principals for correct waste management and with those principals in mind to correctly evaluate and direct staff, guests, outside providers and society to a better understanding and as more responsible and sensitive consumers, decrease the waste accumulated as a consequence of consuming and consumption.
  • To measure the effect on the environment, to make a connection between the different conclusions and to specify the targets of the continuously improved services provided management and staff as one.


It is our obligation to nature and society.